How We Can Help

View Point Health proudly serves individuals with Developmental Disabilities to achieve their highest level of skill development, independence and health, while enhancing their self-esteem and dignity.

Residential Services

We provide support to developmentally disabled adults to live in their community.  The program goal is to foster self-sufficiency by providing the training needed to enhance their success in the community.

Community Integration Services

The purpose of Community Integration is to focus on the individual hopes, dreams and visions of a “life well-lived”.  We offer access to computer skills, health and safety, communication skills training, and much more.  The program also offers opportunities to volunteer within their local community.

Family Support

Services are aimed to enhance a family’s ability to meet the many needs of the family member with a disability.

Supported Employment

This program provides individuals with IDD who desire to work, acquire the skills needed to obtain and maintain employment. Our support and training also assures the employer they are receiving well trained staff with continued support needed to perform all job tasks required.