Who We Are

We are a community behavioral health center utilizing a team of psychiatrists, nurses, licensed counselors and social workers, as well as other professionals to provide services to individuals who need treatment and support to cope with mental illness, substance abuse, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. View Point Health serves uninsured, low-income Medicaid, Medicare, war veterans and some private insurance across multiple locations with a full continuum of behavioral health services and supports. The services provided by View Point Health contribute to the reduction in homelessness, reduction in crime and subsequent incarcerations, higher graduation rates, lower dropout rates, decreased ER visits and decreased inpatient admissions.

Services are client-centered, trauma informed and recovery-focused including behavioral health assessment, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, group and individual therapy, family therapy, peer support, psychosocial rehabilitation, assertive community treatment, community based case management, high fidelity wrap around, housing, supported employment, court services, crisis intervention, on-site pharmacy services, rehabilitation services, brief residential crisis stabilization services, short-term substance abuse residential treatment as well as developmental disability day services and group homes.

View Point Health partners with two Federally Qualified Health Centers in the communities we serve to offer primary care to our clients. Clients are able to access behavioral health treatment and primary care services in the same building and many times on the same day. This focus on integrated health services and wellness allows providers to communicate about client care and improve overall outcomes.

Our Vision

Building healthy lives and healthy families through high quality comprehensive care.

Our Mission

To promote overall health and improve quality of life by ensuring the delivery of effective behavioral and physical health care that meets the needs of communities we serve.

Our Departments

The View Point Health staff is distributed across four teams, or departments based on what services they provide. These are:

Outpatient Services

Outpatient clinics that offer an array of assessment, counseling and psychiatric services to support behavioral health needs of children, adolescents, young adults, adults and their families. The goal for these programs is to promote wellness through quality treatment services and recovery support.

Community Services

Behavioral healthcare provided out of the clinic for youth and families, young adults and adults. The goal for these services are to help individuals thrive in their community.

Specialty Services

Because a one size fits all approach does not work for each person, View Point Health has an array of Specialty Services for individuals with mental health, substance abuse or intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Acute Services

Acute Services are Crisis Stabilization Units that provide a higher level of care than services provided in a clinic or outpatient setting. If you find you or your loved one in a crisis in need of a short term stay for psychiatric services or substance use detoxification, we can help.

Our Programs

We offer an extensive array of programs to help our clients once you have received assessment from one of our centers, you will be assigned to a program best suited to meet your specific needs. For an A to Z list of these programs, please click the button to the right.

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