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The goals of Integrated Care are Promotion by educating the community about mental, physical and overall wellbeing; Prevention by developing means of early detection, Treatment of mental illness through individual, group and family counseling, and Reclaiming good health and overall stability.

Integrated Care serves youth ages 5-21 whom are dealing with a hybrid of physical, mental and/or social challenges. In addition to mental health treatment, services include health screenings, nursing assessment, community linkage to youth activities, and parent support groups. We are pleased to announce a new service: a DBT-Informed program which is a combination of individual therapy and skills groups provided by DBT trained licensed therapists.  Please click here for information on our DBT-informed program.

Integrated Care is also responsible for an annual community Wellness Fair, where businesses and families come together for a day of activities, awareness and overall fun. At our last fair we had agencies representing: chiropractic services, acupuncture, massage, art therapy, music therapy, yoga, spiritual therapy and many more.  The Wellness Fair is an opportunity to bring children and families in the community together, as well as allow businesses to showcase their family-centered services. 

If you have a youth who you feel would benefit from our services, please complete the referral form here. If you wish to contact Integrated Care with any questions or comments, feel free to email us at

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